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Our Session Key

(s) = slow (a practice for those who want a slower moving pace for focus on deep stretching, returning to exercise after a break, learning the postures, breath awareness, relaxation, stress relief, and serenity.

(p) = power (a practice paced for those focused on strength, fluidity, athletic performance, breath awareness, core strengthening, increased energy, flexibility and confidence.

(r)= restorative (a practice paced for this who are looking for an all floor-based practice with deep restorative and relaxing qualities, focused support for deep release of connective tissue and stability for the body to experience true recovery.)

(f) = fitness (a fitness workout for all looking to return to a natural form through the power of pushing individual limits in a non competitive environment that encourages and motivates. take yourself to a new level physically and mentally!)

(wf) = women's fitness (a fitness workout for women only looking to get fit and harness the energy of a group to gain energy, shed unwanted pounds and spark a feeling of inner beauty through a motivating self-paced practice in an friendly non-judgmental environment)




Activate your Vision
Create an inner sanctum for a deeply enlivening and renewing yet intense experience. Come experience the right flow for you with one of our many classes.


Rejuvenate in your Budget
Sign up for memberships or just drop in to get a truly unique meditative experience. First class is free!


Personal Coaching

Private Yoga
For beginners looking for a comprehensive guide of basic yoga postures, or the advanced student ready to tackle some new postures


Spiritual Liftoff!
News from The Bija Studio. Read about best practices, healthy recipes, listen to podcasts, and learn ways to empower yourself through the art of Yoga.


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7 days a week
Doors open 15 minutes before and after classes
Text: 719-640-6134

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